The State of MA EEA and DCR have determined that the maximum number of skaters on the ice during public skating is 25 people. Admission will be on a "first come first served" basis. When the rink reaches capacity, the front doors will be locked. Thank you. Stay safe.

COVID-19 Information

The public health data and the CDC guidance can and does change frequently. The most important things to practice are what we’ll call the Big Three:

1.  Wearing a mask
2.  Social distancing
3.  Minimum 20-second hand-washing

Everyone in the building is required to wear a mask at all times, except when on the ice surface.

Entering the Rink
All skaters will enter through the front doors; both sets of doors will be open. Skaters will be expected to come fully dressed with the exception of their skates. NO CHANGING will be allowed in the lobby area. Each skater will be limited to one parent or guest if they need assistance with their skates. A limited number of spectators will be allowed, as the State of MA has mandated a hard number on allowable building occupancy. Skaters will proceed directly through the lobby to the locker rooms.

Contact Tracing
All groups will be required to give a written list with names and phone numbers of all skaters, as well as visitors who are viewing the practice and/or game. This list will be given to the acting manager upon entry to the rink.

Locker Rooms
There will be a sign in the lobby with locker room assignments. Depending upon the social distancing requirements groups will either be assigned one or two locker rooms.  If games are allowed to be played, each team will get two locker rooms. If multiple games are played in the same day, some teams through necessity, will change in the “virtual locker rooms” which are socially distant benches, located on the Nonantum Road and Charles River sides of the rink. Locker rooms will be opened 15 minutes before the start of the group’s ice rental. All locker rooms need to be vacated ten minutes after the team leaves the ice. A staff person will then disinfect the locker room and lock it.

Exiting the Rink
The dedicated “Exit Only” doors are located in the main ice surface area on the Nonantum Road side of the rink. No one will be allowed to exit through the lobby. Please note: In the event of an emergency, there are five clearly marked rink exits, including the lobby doors.

Social Distancing
To assist with social distancing 3″ yellow dots will be placed on the locker room benches, on the off-ice benches in the “Virtual Locker Rooms” and along the dasher boards. These dots will remind skaters and visitors of appropriate social distancing.

Building Capacity
The State of MA has reduced the number of total people allowed in the building. If the building is deemed to be over the total capacity, (people on and off the ice) the manager or acting manager reserves the right to ask ALL PERSONS, excepting those on the ice or in the locker rooms to exit the building immediately.

Additional Sanitation Measures
All restrooms are now ‘touchless’. Hand-cleaning and sanitizing stations will be placed strategically throughout the rink. The restrooms, locker rooms and “Virtual Locker Rooms” will be regularly cleaned and disinfected.

To Recap

  • Masks for everyone in the building except when on the ice
  • Arrive 15 minutes before, fully dressed
  • Vacate the locker room 10 minutes after leaving the ice
  • No spectators for practices, one parent per player or guest for games
  • Groups will provide written list to assist in contact tracing.
  • Rink reserves the right to ask all non-participants to vacate in event of number of occupants exceeding reduced building capacity
  • No loitering
  • Exit through the dedicated Exit doors, not the lobby

Those of you who have skated at Daly know that we are not only very proud of our great ice, we are also very proud of our clean facility. We are committed to implementing and maintaining a system of disinfecting that will make our building clean and safe.